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Curriculum & Assessment

Parent's Rights to Review Curriculum

Parents of Covington Schools students have the right to review textbooks, materials, and reading lists in accordance with Board policy 2210.  Parent's seeking to review these materials should reach out to the district curriculum director.

Board Policy 2210

State-Mandated Assessments

Covington Schools are required to administer the Ohio State Tests including

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Social Studies (American History & Government)
English Language Arts (Grades 3 - 8 & 10) ACT (Grade 11)
Math (Grades 3 - 8; Algebra I and Geometry) Ohio English Language Proficiency (English Learners)
Science (Grades 5 & 8; Biology) Alternate Assessments


Specific information about each of the tests may be found using the link below

Ohio Department of Education - Testing


NWEA MAP Assessments

In order to measure student growth in reading, math and science for our students in grades 1-10.

Growth Assessment

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Reading Fluency

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Jim Sagona
Director of Technology & K-12 Curriculum


Curriculum Review Schedule


English Language Arts
(Grades K-12)


Science (Grades 3-8)
Business (Grades 9-12)


Math (Grades K-12)