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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child eligible for busing?

  1. Country students – All country students are eligible for busing. Bus drivers begin their routes at approximately 6:45-7:00 a.m. Pickup times are available from the transportation office and from bus drivers during open house night.
  2. Town students – If your child lives north of St. Rt. 36, west of St. Rt. 48 or south of St. Rt. 41, they are eligible for busing.

What if my child goes home with another student?

If your child is going home on a bus other than their own, please send a note to your child’s teacher, to your child’s bus driver, and one to the other bus driver. Good communication between teacher, parents, and bus
drivers is very important and helpful. This will allow plenty of time to determine if there is enough seating on the other bus. Note: Students will not be dropped off at any other location unless they have a signed note
from their parents. If the school bus driver is not sure where the child is to be dropped off, the child will be taken back to the elementary school and the parents will be contacted.

Can my child be dropped off/picked up at a child care provider's home?

If your child is to be dropped off/picked up at a child-care provider (babysitter), we will attempt to accommodate your request as long as it does not over load the bus. Any change to a bus route schedule requires a lot of extra time on the part of the transportation coordinator. Please provide this information on the Transportation Forms in FinalForms.

Rule of Thumb for Bus Transportation

We only bus students to locations on a permanent basis (example: We cannot take your child to grandma on M-W-F and home on T-TH.) The location should be the same all of the time; however, if there is an emergency, we will do what we can to ensure that your child arrives safely at a location of your choice. Also, if you happen to change child care providers, it’s important you notify the school, your child’s teacher and Mrs. Naff at least one week in advance so that the appropriate transportation arrangements can be made. If you have a specific question, please contact Mrs. Naff at 473-2552 or

Two Hour Delay

The bus (if applicable) will pick up your child exactly two hours later than normal. For any type of inclement weather, building emergency, etc., please watch the local television channels WDTN (2), WHIO (7), WKEF (22), or WRGT Fox (45). School delays and early dismissal times will be placed on each of these channels. Information is also posted on Facebook, the district website, and Covington Schools is pleased to offer the One Call Now service, sponsored by the Covington FOE #3998. Each family will be contacted by phone should there be a change in the daily school schedule.

Be Prepared

Whether it is a two-hour delay in the morning or an early dismissal in the afternoon, it’s very important to have a location for your child to go to in the event of inclement weather. Make sure that the school, bus driver, and teacher have this information, especially if it is different than the normal everyday arrangements.

Bus Driver Information

Parent(s) of a child being bused will receive contact information from their assigned bus driver at the beginning of the school year. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s bus, please contact the bus driver first.

Ashley Johnson, Transportation Director

Ashley Naff
Transportation Director


Kim Shell
Transportation Secretary