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Miami County ESC Spotlights Covington Preschool Team

Miami County ESC Spotlights Covington Preschool Staff
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The Miami County ESC recently recognized the efforts of the Covington preschool team in their Staff Spotlight.

Aaron Mosesso has been a preschool intervention specialist in Covington since 2014. Becky Meyer joined the ream in 202 as a preschool aide.  Aaron and Becky make a great team! To begin with, they are in a unique setting, as the preschool classroom is located inside a church and other are no other classrooms there. This does not phase them at all! They collaborate and work hard to create fun and exciting learning activities when interacting with the children. They foster a learning environment that is safe, loving, fun, and educational for all of their students. Both Aaron and Becky are flexible and will always do what is needed or asked of them to help the children and the preschool program. They are dedicated and have outstanding attendance, which is so important for our little ones.

Thank you Aaron and Becky for all of your hard work and dedication. You are a vital part of the preschool program at the Miami County ESC!

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